MECOME Plug & Weld robotic welding system – 6 + 2 free axes, FANUC robot with maximum access radius of 1420 mm, and Miller 600 A welding power supply with MIG and pulsed MIG welding. In practice, this configuration of the leaders in the field provides titanium in welding. 

The welding processes in the company are performed by highly skilled employees qualified to operate machines such as MILLER, KEMPPI, ESAB, FRONIUS, LINCOLN ELECTRIC and cover the following processes: MIG and double pulsed MIG, MIG/MAG, spot welding, TIG.

MIG/MAG welding with machines up to 400 A.

TIG welding.

Combined MIG and TIG inverter welding machine.

We have two handlers with control for precision MIG welding enabling the welding of cylinders with a radius of up to 100 mm.


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